Animal Preservation Tanks with Lid and Extraction (optional)

MA-2057 Vet. Anat. Fixation Container with basket

Description and Features
Fixation tank for animal cadavers and animal limbs for student education. Stationary or mobile version. Stable fixation container with lid. Lid opening 95° with safety lock. Easy opening of the lid by lightweight and exact fit to the Z-sealing gasket. Circumferential Viton gasket (15mm thick) for a tight seal. Drain ball valve at front. 4 adjustable feet for optimum alignment. Lower part for with drawable forklift about 630 mm wide. Cuvette designed for single storage basket which is lifted by a mobile crane. Filling volume of the cuvette: 600 liters of formalin solution (4 - 16% concentration).


All infos for this product can be found at Product-Specification.pdf

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