MA-0935 Acetone Recycler

Description and Features
Type: DDM-P935ex Automatic acetone recovery unit. Especially designed for the recovery of acetone in plastination. Features: - Fully closed operation - Atmospheric pressure operation - Enormous cost saving factor - Enormous environment protection factor - Reagents can be used over and over - Easy 2-knob operation - Destillation process fully automatic Dimensions: 600(W) x 600(D) x 1250(H) mm Weight: 105 kgs net



Plastic Bag for destillation vessel. Pack of 100 MA-0951

Note: all other plastination products on request.
Please let us know your procedures so we can
offer the correct items to you.

Histo-Saw "220" Diamond Wire Saw (on request) MA-0480

Band Saw "340" (on request) MA-1315

Table for 1315-Bone Saw MA-1316

H = 750mm with strong base plate. material: stainless steel

Autoclave "125E" (on request) MA-0008

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