Whole Body Preservation Unit with Formalin, Thiel etc. (Closed Spray System)

MA-5000 „SprayCon“ Anatomy Whole Body Preservation–System (enclosed)

Description and Features
Note: each module works autonomous and maybe programmed individually. The modular system allows to fit the modules together into a total plant for an unlimited number of corpuses. For a volume of 48 bodies one needs to install 16 modules, which may be installed in different rooms, if necessary. A special advantage is the usage of different fixation / conservation fluids (for example “Thiel”-solution) and different concentrations of formalin. Solid and self-carrying construction with an automatic electronical control function. One-men-operation. Especially developed for the guaranteed pollution-free fixation & conservation of whole bodies without “dipping” the body into a solution. The conservation of corpses with formalin or any other fixation-fluid is done by means of a special aerosol-spray-system in a gastight environment which is loaded with corpuses on body-trays.


All infos for this product can be found at Product-Specification.pdf

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