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Whole Body Preservation Unit without Formalin (Patented World Novelty)

„DryCon“® HPPS 1700-1 Whole Body Preservation Unit without Formalin (Patented World Novelty)

Concept and Features
This world novelty in anatomical technology was designed to eliminatethe use of formalin and to create a closed system for the processing of whole bodies for teaching purposes in anatomy. Note: each module works autonomous and maybe programmed individually. The modular system allows to fit the modules together to a total plant for an unlimited number of corpuses. Depending on the number of students the amount of units which may be installed in
different rooms, must be determined upfront. A special advantage is the processing of the whole body specimen or extremities / organs in a fully closed process chamber, whereby the infiltration solution is pumped into the chamber until the corpus / organ is fully covered (like a closed Tissue Processor in pathology). After this procedure the body maybe “mummified” for long term storage in a dry environment on a simple shelf. If this body is to be used for a student dissecting course it can be restored to it´s original “soft” condition. The DryCon unit is also designed for the regeneration, resoftening, examination and repair of ancient mummies in a cautious style. The DryCon unit (module) consists of a solid and self-carrying construction with an automatic electronic control function for one-manoperation.Especially developed for the guaranteed pollution-free fixation & conservation of whole bodies without the use of formalin in a fully closed system which is pressurized with 3 bars in order to speed up, enhance and intensify the infiltration. The DIS infiltration solution is a patented, quality controlled special solution based on the harmless, none-toxic and organic product called “Shellac” and low concentration ethanol. Due to the use of Shellac, the patented method was called “Lacservation” by mutual consent with leading anatomists.

„DryCon HPPS 1700-1“ with Siemens Control Unit

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